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國際婦女節 - 配合今年主題#BalanceforBetter(推進性別平衡),舉行拍照上傳活動,並邀請幫助台灣東南亞移工的非營利組織One-Forty協會舉辦座談會,介紹台灣的東南亞移工來台的主要工作及所面臨的挑戰。



本所於3月7日慶祝國際婦女節,今年的主題為#BalanceforBetter - 推進性別平衡,共創美好世界,為響應性別平等、多樣性和包容性的推動,除舉行#BalanceforBetter拍照上傳活動外,並邀請幫助台灣東南亞移工的非營利組織One-Forty協會(社團法人台灣四十分之一移工教育文化協會)前來本所舉辦座談會,由共同創辦人陳凱翔先生向同仁介紹台灣的東南亞移工來台的主要工作及所面臨的挑戰,同時說明該會為移工提供的技能與能力訓練及籌劃各式的文化交流活動,促進台灣人與東南亞移工的接觸進而包容與同理,席間並播放移工訪談影片,分享他們在台的生活點滴以及對未來的憧憬,同仁亦踴躍提問並參與有獎徵答活動。

International Women's Day

On 7 March, we celebrated the 2019 International Women's Day with the global theme - #BalanceforBetter. We struck the pose of #BalanceforBetter in support of gender equality, diversity and inclusion. In addition, we also invited One-Forty, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Southeast Asian migrant workers in Taiwan. Co-founder Kevin Chen introduced to us the kinds of jobs Southeast Asian migrant workers engage in and challenges they face, and described the training programs the organization provides for the workers to improve their skills and the cultural activities it launches to bridge the gap between the workers and their Taiwanese employers. Video clips were played in which the migrant workers shared their lives in Taiwan and hopes for the future, followed by Q&A and a quiz contest.