CSR講座: 博物館之旅—談博物館如何回應多元文化與當代社會議題

CSR Workshop: On Museum's Function to Respond to Cultural Diversity and Contemporary Social Issues


CSR was more than honored to invite Professor Chia-Li Chen, the director of the Graduate Institute of Museum Studies at the Taipei National University of the Arts, to Baker McKenzie Taipei to share her observations about the multiple functions of museums during her life as a research student in the United Kingdom. Traditionally, a museum is perceived as an institute to preserve and display artifacts and historic relics. Nonetheless, as society changed with time, museums gradually adapted their function to serve as a vital institution to integrate different ethnic groups and to reflect on various social issues.


By illustrating the history and transitional functions of the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool, Professor Chen was able to show the participants the fascinating aspects of the British museums and - at the same time - to inspire them to contemplate the social functions of museums. The event was very successful and received overwhelmingly positive reactions.